Board of Governors


The Assembly of Partners, which is made up of the Institute’s founding members and later entrants, in essence constitutes the Board of Governors (BoG). This is the body that ultimately takes all major decisions, sanctions the operation of the Institute and approves its planning and annual accounts. 


The Board of Governors of IENE, which includes all partners, is as follows:


Prof. Vesna Borozan

Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies, St. Cyrillus and Methodius University, North Macedonia

Mr. Emilios Boussios

Electrical- Mechanical Engineer, Greece

Prof. Pantelis Capros

ex chairman of the Regulatory Energy Authority (RAE), Professor of Energy Economics, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Scientific Coordinator, E3Modelling, Greece

Mr. John Chadjivasiliades

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer, Independent Energy Consultant, Athens (IENE’s past Chairman), Greece

Dr. Gina Cohen

Lectrurer and Consultant on Natural Gas Industry, Israel

Mr. Yiannis Courouclis

President and CEO, Elin Verd, Greece

Dr. John Desypris

Chemical Engineer, Special Adviser Regulatory Affairs, Mytilineos SA (IENE's Chairman 2009 - 2013), Greece

Dr. Stavri Dhima

Independent Energy Consultant, Albania

Mr. Christodoulos Dimas

Civil Engineer, former President of the Greek-Russian Chamber, Greece

Mr. Vladimir Djurovic

Independent Energy Consultant, Croatia

Ms. Tereza Fokianou

Geologist, Managing Director Flow S.A., Greece

Dr. Nickolas Frydas

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer, Principal, Head of Electricity, Grant Thornton, Greece

Dr. Eugenia Giannini

Lawyer, E. Giannini & Associates Law Firm, Greece

Mr. John Grigoriou

former CEO, HELPE Upstream, Greece

Ms. Eugenia Gusilov

Managing Director, Romania Energy Center (ROEC), Romania

Mr. Iosif Iosif

CEO, Financial Media Way and Chairman, Cyprus Energy Agency, Cyprus

Mr. Fadil Ismajli

CEO, New Kosovo Electricity Company (NKEC), Kosovo

Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras

 Mechanical -Engineer, Professor at the Department of Electrical of Engineers, Athens Technical University, SVP Mitsubishi Power Europe, Greece

Dr. Konstantinos Karayannakos

Executive Director Commercial Division, DEPA, Greece

Mr. Elias Karydogiannis

Electrical Engineer, Managing Director, ENSCO, Greece

Mr. Petros Kassapis

Transportation Engineer, Greece

Dr. Vassilios Kougionas

Scientific Officer, DG Research, European Commission, Belgium

Mr. Thomas Lamnides

Lawyer and Partner of Lamnidis Law, Athens, Greece

Mr. Mihailo Mihailovic

Independent Energy Consultant, Serbia

Mr. Aleksandar Mijuskovic

Advisor to the Executive Director, Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe (SEECAO), Montenegro

Mr. Slavtcho Neykov

Chairman of the BoD, Energy Management Institute, Bulgaria

Dr. Constantinos Nicolaou

Petroleum Geologist, Managing Director, Kanergy Ltd. and Deputy Chairman, Energean Greece

Mr. Spyros Paleoyiannis

Chemist, Deputy Chairman, Deputy CEO, Public Gas Corporation (DEPA), Managing Partner, Medgas & More Services LTD, Cyprus

Mr. Alexandros Papadopoulos

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer, Independent Energy Consultant, Greece

Dr. Dimitris Papakonstantinou

Mechanical-Electrical Engineer, former Director for Strategy & Planning, HEDNO, Greece

Mr. Gus Papamichalopoulos

Lawyer and Senior Partner, Head of Energy Infrastructure and Chairman of the Management Committee, Kyriakidis-Georgopoulos Law Firm, Greece

Dr. Marios Patsoules

Petroleum Geologist, Reservoir Engineer, Independent Energy Consultant, Greece

Mr. Andreas Petropouleas

Energy Management Director, Elpedison, Greece

Ms. Sophia Politopoulou

Director of Regulatory Affairs, HEDNO, Greece

Mr. Mirsad Sabanovic

Independent Energy Consultant, Bosnia - Herzegovina

Mr. Nikos Sofianos

Independent Energy Advisor, Greece

Mr. Costis Stambolis

Architect and Energy Consultant, Managing Editor  (IENE’s Chairman 2003, 2007, 2019), Greece

Dr. George Syntzanakis 

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Independent Energy Consultant, Greece

Mr. Constantinos Theofylaktos

Mechanical -Engineer, former Chairman, Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Partner, EssenCon, Greece

Mr. Anastasios Tosios

Deputy CEO & Executive Member of the Board of Directors at EYDAP SA, Greece

Mr. Alexandros Vrachnos

Chemical Engineer, Greece

Mr. Dionissios Xenos

Chemical Engineer, ex. Managing Director, Hellenic Aerospace Industries, Greece

Mr. Gokhan Yardim

Partner and Manager, ADG Anadolu Naturalgas Consultancy and Trade Ltd., Turkey


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