Mission and Vision

IENE’s Mission and Vision

IENE's Mission is to promote a broader understanding of the key energy issues in the region and provide a suitable platform for the exchange of views and information, open to professionals, companies, stakeholders and others who are actively involved in the energy sector.

IENE's Vision is to establish itself as one of the leading energy think tanks in the region and at the same time develop a highly credible and worthwhile range of services covering research, assessment studies, sectorial surveys, educational activities, event organisation and networking. These services to be offered primarily to its members, but also to government and industry and other important stakeholders. As part of its vision IENE is committed to developing high level research and analysis capabilities, with the involvement and in cooperation with leading energy experts from all different countries of the region. The timely dissemination of information and analysis is an integral aspect of IENE’s work with the aim of facilitating the understanding of central policy and complex technical issues thus helping to promote public debate. The establishment of serious and dispassionate dialogue on SE Europe’s key energy and environmental issues  is seen as part of a democratic policy making process to which IENE is fully committed.

Goals and Objectives

The Institute’s prime purpose is to constitute a permanent forum where energy issues can be discussed, analyzed, reformulated and presented to the scientific and technological communities, social, productive and financial entities, as well as to institutional bodies, in unbiased, objective and credible terms, something which is guaranteed by its scientific standing, its managerial rectitude and the transparency of its operations. One of IENE’s key objectives is to participate in the formulation of energy policies, both on a national and international level, within the broader region of South-East Europe. These policies need to focus on rationalizing the production and utilization of both conventional and renewable sources of energy. Thus IENE aims to contribute towards the implementation of European Union’s sustainable development strategy that combines social and economic development with environmental protection. The Institute aspires to play a significant role in providing public opinion with factual and unbiased information on subjects concerning energy, the environment and sustainable development. It is fair to say that, IENE after ten years of uninterrupted operation already provides a suitable platform for the discussion and analysis of the crucial energy and environmental issues which confront the broader S. E. European region.

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