Co-operation in SE Europe

The South East European region constitutes the Institute’s prime geographic area of interest together with a small group of neighbouring countries in the immediate area, known as peripheral countries. Although Athens based, the Institute is in daily contact with its partners and members in the various countries of the region exchanging information and ideas and planning joint actions. These normally include studies, surveys, research projects, event organization and participation in public consultations. Over the past years IENE has emerged as a truly regional organization having expanded its circle of partners who between them cover the 15 core countries of the region. All partners equally participate in the Institute’s Board of Governors (BoG).

IENE actively participates in the promotion of new energy technologies, the transfer of know-how, the implementation of EU policies and directives which aim towards sustainable development while it fosters discussion on a variety of current energy issues. Within this framework, IENE cooperates and jointly promotes such goals and projects with counterpart agencies and entities in the various countries of the region. Particular emphasis is placed on networking and cooperation with institutions, agencies and organizations, energy companies, research centres and scientific establishments active in the energy and environmental sectors in SE Europe. The Institute stands ready to contribute to the elaboration of policies necessitated by international commitments and as part of collaborative programmes. IENE aspires to become an important bridge for energy-related communication and analysis and project development in the energy sector between the various counties of SE Europe.

An informal network of contacts from all different countries in SE Europe, which includes individuals as well as organizations, has been established over the years which enables IENE to carry out its work on a regional level. These contacts help the Institute by providing reliable information on national energy balances, a wide range of energy data, energy planning, environmental issues, market status and project development. This regional network also helps IENE in identifying suitable and well qualified persons, organizations and companies to participate in IENE and EU backed research programmes and projects. Several of these contacts participate in the Institute’s "International Advisory Board” which assists IENE on an advisory capacity with international and regional issues.

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