1st Greek-Turkish Energy Forum


1st Greek-Turkish Energy Forum

Istanbul, April 25,2024

Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul

Greece and Türkiye have been working on joint energy projects since the start of this century. Today Greece and Türkiye are partners in a number of key energy areas including electricity, gas, renewables, energy transmission and energy trading. Over the last two decades Greece and Türkiye have established major electricity and gas interconnections across the Greek-Turkish border in Evros, Thrace, and have developed active cross border transmission and trading in electricity and gas. At the same time the two energy exchanges, EXIST in Istanbul and HENEX in Greece have developed close business ties and are pursuing joint policies in areas of common interest. Also, both countries are active and play an important role in SE Europe Energy issues and beyond.

It is important to mention that Greece and Türkiye have developed a 280 km gas Inter-connector pipeline, which links Komotini in Greece to Karacebey in Türkiye, which came on stream in 2007 and through which Greece’s Public Gas Company (DEPA) imports some 0.75 bcm of gas annually from Botas. Also, a major electricity interconnection (400 kV) is in place since 2010 linking Nea Santa to Babaeski with daily electricity exchanges between the two countries.

In addition, a number of Greek companies have invested in Türkiye’ dynamic renewables sector and vice versa. As both countries are pursuing policies which favour greater penetration of RES into the electricity grid, cooperation in this field but also in energy efficiency could be mutually beneficial.

With major energy challenges lying ahead for this part of SE Europe, especially with regard to energy security and decarbonization, as Greece and Türkiye are committed to lower Green House Gas Emissions, a lot remains still to be done with both countries benefiting by forging even closer relationships in the energy sector. With strong electricity interconnections and closer cooperation between the two energy exchanges taking precedence. The Athens based Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) is an early promoter of a closer energy relationship between the two countries having invited on numerous occasions Turkish colleagues to its various events held in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and beyond, over the last 15 years or so. A major event with strong participation from Türkiye since its start is the annual “SEE Energy Dialogue”, currently in its 15th edition, which traditionally takes place in Thessaloniki in May or June.

In addition, the IENE has over the years developed close working links with several colleagues in Türkiye, active in the broad energy sector, with some of them regularly contributing to the Institute’s publications, seminars and conferences. Already, Türkiye along with other countries in the region, is represented in the Institute’s Board of Governors. As a further step towards the growing energy cooperation between the two countries, the IENE is convening a one-day Forum, in Istanbul on April 25, 2024, the first of its kind, in order for senior energy professionals from both countries to get acquainted with each other’s work, discuss cooperation and also exchange views on the major energy challenges currently faced by both Greece and Türkiye.

A steering committee which comprises Greek and Turkish energy experts, working under IENE’s umbrella, is in charge of the Forum programme and the organisation of the event. A number of major energy companies from both countries have pledged support for the organization of this important event.