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IENE is carrying out a broad based programme of research work, studies and publications focused on energy and environment issues related to SEEurope. IENE's research programme constitutes the basis of its research and scientific work, which is an inseparable part of the Institute's activities. The table below presents the full list of research and study programmes covering the period 2006-2014. Already, some of these projects have been completed while others are being implemented with funding coming from IENE's annual budget but also through sponsorship from companies active in the energy field or as part of EU funded programmes. The successful organization and implementation of research programmes and studies require core funding that ensures the regular disbursement of monies to the various projects.

All of IENE's research and study programmes are open to sponsorship and financial support from individuals, companies and organizations who are interested to support IENE’s work. IENE is open to proposals from companies and organizations wishing to initiate and support research and study activities.

IENE Research Projects and Studies Completed

  • "South East Europe Energy Outlook” This is a major reference study. In June of 2011 the first "SEEEO” study was completed and published by IENE. This is an ongoing project with the next Outlook Study scheduled for bublication in June 2014.
  • "Europe's Natural Gas Supply Prospects, the South Corridor and the Role of Greece", an IENE Assessment Study
  • "The Helios’ Project: Can Solar Energy be Exported?” An IENE Assessment Study
  • "Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production in the East Mediterranean & the Adriatic Sea" an ΙΕΝΕ Review Paper
  • "A Strategy Study on the Electricity Interconnections of SE Europe and Greece’s Role”, Assessment Study carried out on behalf of Greece’s Regulatory Energy Authority (RAE)
  • "The Role of Greece as a Supply Route to Europe in View of Latest Gas Discoveries in the East Mediterranean”, An IENE Research Note
  • "The Role of Oil Imports in Greece’s External Balance of Payments" An IENE Study Project
  • "Energy and Employment in Greece", an IENE Research Project

IENE Research Projects and Studies in Progress

  • "South East Europe Energy Outlookan IENE Reference Study
  • "A Regional Gas Price Hub for SE Europe”, an IENE Research Project
  • "RES Development in Greece and their Contribution to the Country’s Energy Balance” an IENE Research Project
  • "Energy and Employment in SE Europe: A survey of the current situation and future outlook” an IENE Research Project
  • "Gas Storage in SE Europe and the Role of LNG”, an IENE Research Project
  • "SE Europe’s Hydrocarbon Import Dependency”, an IENE Research Project
  • "The Role of Natural Gas in Regional Development” An IENE Research Project
  • "The Role of the Caspian and the Black Sea in European Energy Security", an IENE Research Project
  • "Greece’s experience in utilizing EU Structural Funds for improving energy efficiency in buildings”, an IENE Assessment Study
  • "The East Mediterranean Energy Corridor” an IENE Assessment Study
  • "Developing Albania’s Electricity Sector”, an IENE Assessment Study
  • "Renewable Energy Sources in SE Europe: Current Situation and Future Outlook", an IENE Briefing Note
  • "Energy and Transportation in Greece”, an IENE revised study (first published by IENE in July 2009)
  • "Developing Greece’s Hydrocarbon Potential” an IENE Strategy Study
  • "Economic and Energy Review of Greece” an IENE annual Survey of Greece’s economy with reference to energy

IENE Participation in European Programmes

  • Partner in the Geothermal Finance and Awarness in European Regions (GEOFAR) project. This research work was funded by Intelligent Energy Europe. The programme was completed in March 2011
  • Energy Performance for Buildings in Greece and Cyprus. Part of BPIE funded Europe wide with assessment study. IENE as a part of this study is currently preparing a detailed study on the use of EU funds for increasing energy efficiency in buildings
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