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IENE Seminar on Greece’s New Electricity Market to go online

IENE Seminar on Greece’s New Electricity Market to go onlineIENE is going ahead with its plans for a two-day intensive educational seminar on Greece’s New Electricity Market. The seminar is perfectly timed since on September 17 the New Electricity Market is being officially launched by the Hellenic Energy Exchange. In view of latest COVID-19 restrictions the Seminar will be conducted entirely online.

The seminar, follows the first two such seminars that the Institute organized last year, and will cover the imminent launching of the Hellenic Energy Exchange backed electricity market. The seminar is addressed to senior energy market executives and active participants of electricity markets and will focus on the forthcoming launch of the Energy Exchange following the implementation of EU’s Target Model as well as the relevant changes that will take place during the transition process, which will lead to increased competition, greater transparency and an integrated market for the benefit of participants and end consumers alike.

 The overall aim of the seminar is to introduce the new framework of theelectricitymarket in both Greece and Europe in view of latest guidelines introduced by the European Commission, the gradual integration of electricity markets at regional level and the rising role of energy exchanges.

More specifically, thistwo-day intensive course will cover the following topics: (a)Overview of Greece’s Electricity Market,(b)Target Model Implementation in Greece, (c)Introduction to the Hellenic Energy Exchange (HEnEx),(d)The Day-Ahead Market,(e) The Balancing Market,(f)The Intraday Market,(g)The Forward Market, (h)Clearing house and back office operation,(i) The HEnEx Viewpoint, (j)Key milestones and challenges of the new electricity market in Greece, (k) Overview ofSEE Electricity Markets.

In addressing these topics the seminar will seek to deepen attendees’ knowledge in regulatory and legislative issues, but also in those concerning the operation of the actual electricity market, which comprises the above mentioned four markets.

The speakers of the seminar include some of thebest known experts, company executives and academics of the Greek electricity sector,who between them share an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market and the Hellenic Energy Exchange’s operation.

For further instructions, the seminar programme and registration details please visit: http://www.iene.eu/en/congress/27/

EVENTS IENE Seminar «Introduction to Greece’s New Electricity Market»

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