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Turkish Household Gas Consumption Down by 12.3% in 2018

Turkey's natural gas consumption per household decreased by 12.3% to 905 cubic meters in 2018 compared to the last three year's average consumption of 1,032 cubic meters, according to Yasar Arslan, chair of the Turkish Natural Gas Distributors Association, (GAZBIR) on Wednesday.

Arslan told Anadolu Agency the average temperature in Turkey in 2018 increased by 1.8 degrees centigrade to 15.4 degrees from 13.6 degrees in 2017. "As a result of this increase, Turkey's natural gas consumption per household decreased and Turkey's gas imports also went down by 2 billion cubic meters," Arslan said.

He added that in monetary terms, this amounts to approximately 3.4 billion Turkish liras ($600 million). Turkey's natural gas consumption totaled around 48.9 billion cubic meters last year. Arslan noted that 80% of Turkey's population had access to natural gas as at the end of 2018.

"Thanks to the use of natural gas in residential buildings in 2018, 7.25 million tons of air pollutants and gases were prevented from being released into the environment," Arslan said and added, "In each household there was a reduction of 235 kilograms of particles, 250 kilograms of NOx and SOx with the use of natural gas."

In keeping with the country's aim to counter deforestation, gas distribution companies in coordination with the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry planted one tree for every new natural gas subscription.

(Anadolu Agency)

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