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Reaching Out to the Region is IENE's Major Goal for 2021, Says IENE's Chairman

Reaching Out to the Region is IENE's Major Goal for 2021, Says IENE's ChairmanIn his New Year message to IENE's partners and members the Chairman and Executive Director of IENE Costis Stambolis underlined the Institute's resolve to increase its interaction and scale up its activities in the broader SEE and East Mediterranean region

"As this year comes to a close and with it, hopefully, the nightmare of the coronavirus, it is appropriate, if not compelling, to look ahead with a dose of optimism. 

Although the Covid 19 experience has shown us that such an optimism is often misplaced and that any short or medium term plans are subject to correction or cancellation, we need to maintain a positive stance especially now that the fast developed vaccines is a reality", says IENE's chairman in his New Year message. "Furthermore", he notes, "planning has now become easier in the sense that we have built on the experience of the last few months and we have,as an organisation, horned in our skills in organizing online meetings and even conferences-as was the case with the 12th SEE Energy Dialogue, on December 9/10" (see link).

"Hence, we have developed a diversified programme of activities which include research and studies,publications,energy related business information,educational courses and seminars but also workshops and conferences. A number of our activities are by necessity focused on Greece, where the Institute is based, whereas others with a growing tendency cover the broader SEE area. Indeed the reaching out to the countries in the broader SE European area and in the East Mediterranean is a primary goal in our planning for 2021 and beyond. This is where the coronavirus "online" legacy and our acquired familiarity with the virtual communication environment becomes really handy."

"So, we intend to put to maximum use our digital capabilities in establishing a continuous and effective communication between all IENE partners and associates in all different countries. This,among others will help strengthen interaction and discussion within the Institute's seven scientific committees ( i.e Electricity,Natural Gas,RES,Energy Efficiency,Hydrocarbons upstream and downstream,Geopolitics) which will now be able to meet at regional level. Indeed this is one of the major challenges for IENE for the coming year. In this context we also plan to encourage the establishment of ad hoc multi national working groups which will convene in order to examine issues of regional interest as they come along.In the same wavelength the organization of thematic webinars,with wider participation, will help broaden the debate and disseminate information to all concerned."

"In its effort to reach out to partners,associates and members in the region and establish effective communication and interaction IENE will be greatly assisted 

from its network of partners,especially following the October 21 AGM decision to accept 12 colleagues from corresponding countries as full partners and members in its board of directors. Towards this direction the Institute also plans to convene "online" for the first time its International Advisory Group (IAG),which although established sometime ago it has not been possible to fully activate. Members of IENE's International Advisory Group include eminent personalities from the wider energy sector with members coming from several countries, not only in SE Europe but also from Eurasia and beyond."

"Finally, as we look ahead to 2021 we have to take stock of our track record over the past year,including achievements and failures,- soon to be accounted for in IENE's 2020 Annual Report-as they provide the foundation upon which further progress can be achieved. Most of IENE members agree that the Institute's contribution in broadening our knowledge and experience in the energy sector over the last 12 months has been both useful and  positive. Let us therefore take courage from such positive thoughts and wish all IENE members and friends a very happy and successful New Year."

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