"PROMETHEUS 2024" Awards: IENE Honored Four Personalities from Greece’s Energy Sector

"PROMETHEUS 2024" Awards: IENE Honored Four Personalities from Greece’s Energy SectorOn Wednesday, January 24, the annual 'PROMETHEUS' awards were presented by the Institute of Energy for Southeast Europe (IENE), honoring individuals for their outstanding contribution to the promotion of specific areas of the energy sector

On Wednesday, January 24, the annual 'PROMETHEUS' awards were presented by the Institute of Energy for Southeast Europe (IENE), honoring individuals for their outstanding contribution to the promotion of specific areas of the energy sector. This year the awards ceremony took place in the presence of many members and friends of IENE who gathered at the 'Athens Club' as part of the Institute's New Year's Pie cutting event for 2024. Continuing a tradition initiated in 2018, the Institute conferred the 'PROMETHEUS' award upon four distinguished personalities from Greece’s energy sector.

In his introductory remarks the Chairman and Executive Director of IENE, after announcing the names of the honoured recipients he praised them for their achievements and referred to some common traits that distinguish them and make them stand out. More specifically the Chairman pointed out that the honoured individuals in addition to the great enthusiasm for their field of work and their fortitude in achieving their objectives are also characterised by admirable persistence and considerable patience.

The honoured individuals are the following:

  • Dr. George Koutzoukos, a Mechanical-Electrical Engineer and former Vice-President of the Regulatory Energy Authority (RAE), has been honored for his significant contributions to the advancement of electricity and energy regulatory issues. With over 35 years of professional experience in the electricity and natural gas sectors, Dr. Koutzoukos played a pivotal role in various capacities. During his cumulative 13 years of service, he served as the founding Vice-President of the Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) and as the founding Chairman of the Board of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE). In these roles, he actively participated in all critical aspects of the liberalization and oversight of the electricity market. Additionally, Dr. Koutzoukos is a founding member of the Energy Committee of the Academy of Athens and holds an honorary membership in the Council of Energy Regulators of the Energy Community of Southeast Europe (ECRB)


  • Professor Sofia Stamataki, former President and Managing Director of the 'Hellenic Hydrocarbon Management Company S.A. - EDEY S.A.,' has been honored for her decisive contribution to advancing hydrocarbon research in Greece and her role in establishing EDEY S.A. As a Professor of Hydrocarbon Drilling and Exploitation Technology at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Prof. Stamataki spearheaded significant academic projects. In addition to her position as the founding President and CEO of EDEY, she previously chaired the committee responsible for drafting the institutional framework for establishing the authority and modernizing the Hydrocarbons Law. Among her various responsibilities, she served as the Deputy Chairman of the Committee supporting the tender process for acquiring seismic data for non-exclusive use within the maritime zone in Western and Southern Greece. Moreover, she chaired the committee supervising the tender process for awarding exploration and exploitation rights for hydrocarbons in various geopolitical areas of Greece.

  •  Mr. Manousos Manousakis, President and CEO of ADMIE S.A., for his decisive contribution to the electrical interconnection of the islands and especially of the Attica-Crete interconnection. Mr. Manousakis, until assuming his duties at the Independent Power Transmission Operation (IPTO or ADMIE), was the Director and legal representative of the special purpose limited companies OTE Rural North & OTE Rural South, subsidiaries of the OTE Group. In the past he has been a member of the Board of Directors of OTE SA and has worked in administrative positions in the OTE group. In 2015 he served as Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping & Tourism. During his tenure he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank. From 2012 to 2014, Mr. Manoussos Manousakis served as a scientific associate at the Hellenic Parliament, focusing on matters related to the Ministry of Development. Having a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, he was a Lecturer at the University of Piraeus in 2005-2006. Additionally, from 2007 to 2010, he organised a series of high level management seminars at OTE Academy address to senior executives.

  • Dr. Michalis Fitikas, Professor Emeritus of Geothermal Energy at the University of Athens, for his significant contribution in the promotion of Geothermal Energy in Greece. Dr. Fitikas was, from 1970 to 1990, Head of the Geothermal Department of the then Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME) (1970-1990), while, during his tenure, he collaborated on geothermal applications with PPC, ETVA, ATE, as well as various relevant Ministries and Public Services. He has been involved in several high and medium enthalpy projects involving the study of areas such as Milos, Nisyros, Santorini, Kimolos and Lesvos. He has also worked as a coordinator in a number of low enthalpy projects in Serres, Xanthi, Nestos Delta, Thessaly, Sperchios, Halkidiki, Chios, Lesvos, Samothraki, Kos and Crete. He made several visits to geothermal fields in Iceland, the Paris Basin, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the former Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc., while, with through UNDP program, he visited the main geothermal fields in the western USA and North Mexico. He was also a representative of Greece in the advisory committees of EU for geothermal research programs. In 1990 he was elected Professor at the Athens University, in the Applied Sciences Department, where he taught Geothermy, Volcanology, Drilling Techniques in graduate and postgraduate courses. In 2007 he was elected Emeritus Professor at Athens University. Dr. Fytikas has made significant contributions to the field of geothermal energy through extensive writing. He has authored several books and approximately 200 scientific papers or contributions, with his work being cited in around 1000 international references. He is also a founding member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and in 2002 he was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the IGA.

The awards to the above personalities were presented by the Chairman and Executive Director of IENE, Mr. Costis Stambolis and by the former Chairmen, Mr. John. Hatzivasiliadis and Mr. John Desypris, as well as by the members of the Institute's Board of Governors, Mr. Thomas Lamnidis and Dr. Dionysis Xenos.

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