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A minor anniversary for IENE as it celebrates 17 years of continuous operation

A minor anniversary for IENE as it celebrates 17 years of continuous operationThis week IENE celebrated 17 years since its establishment. The Institute was founded in July 2003 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization, based in Athens, under the name Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE), by a group of 14 independent scientists, engineers, academics and business executives working professionally in the broad energy sector.

Over the years this group has expanded significantly and today it comprises 39 partners coming from all different energy areas. The partners, who participate in the General Assembly of the Institute, come mainly from Greece but also from several countries of SE Europe where the Institute is active (including Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Israel, Cyprus, Serbia, Turkey etc.)

Since its start,IENE's mission has been to promote a broader understanding of the key energy issues in the region and provide a suitable platform for the exchange of ideas and information, open to professionals, companies, stakeholders and others who are actively involved in the broad energy sector.

At the same time IENE’s vision is to become one of the leading energy think tanks of the region and develop a highly credible and worthwhile range of services covering research, assessment studies, sectorial surveys, educational activities, event organisation and networking. These services to be offered primarily to its members, but also to government and industry and other important stakeholders. As part of its vision IENE is committed to developing high level research and analysis capabilities, with the involvement of leading energy experts from all different countries of the region.

In its 17 years of operation, IENE has actively contributed to a variety of causes and projects, at both national and regional level, within SE Europe. The rational production and exploitation of energy, from all possible sources, conventional and renewable, as well as from new environmentally friendly energy sources, so as to serve the strategy of the EU for sustainable development, remains an ongoing goal of the Institute.

At the same time, IENE offers a platform for discussion and communication on the critical energy and environmental issues that currently concern the international community and SE Europe in particular. Through IENE’s participation in public consultations at European and national level, its participation in international and regional conferences and with the publication of articles, analysis and papers, IENE takes an active part in the public debate on energy and the environment.

IENE currently provides regular and detailed information to its members and to the wider energy community on energy developments in the region, through the preparation of studies, analysis and research, as well as with the organization of various events but also through the regular updates, in the form of newsletters, that it sends to its members.

With more than 1200active members, IENE is striving to keep them fully and promptly informed on latest global and regional developments. Members also have the opportunity to actively participate in IENE's various Scientific Committees, discussion groups, and educational seminars.

EVENTS IENE Seminar «Introduction to Greece’s New Electricity Market»

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