4th International Energy & Shipping Seminar


4th International Energy & Shipping SEMINAR

Athens, Friday, June 8, 2018

This year the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) is organizing its regular seminar on "Energy and Shipping” in cooperation with Posidonia. The seminar, which normally attracts wide participation from shipowners, charterers, banks, insurers, law firms and marine engineers, will take place within the premises of the Exhibition (Conference Central Room) onFriday, June 8 between 12:30 and 16:30.

As a large segment of the international maritime activity is dedicated to the transport of energy products -such as crude oil and oil products, liquefied natural gas (LNG), special freight (LPG), traditional hard coal, iron ore, as well as more sophisticated materials such as enriched uranium- the present seminar convened by IENE provides an excellent opportunity for a wider discussion on the link between Energy and Shipping. Without maritime transportation of oil and other energy cargoes on the scale that this is being carried out today, it would be impossible for industrialized countries' economies to function. Hence, the role of maritime transport is of paramount importance for most countries' energy sufficiency and, by extension, to the world economy. In this context IENE is paying particular attention on issues related to marine transportation and energy supplies, and Posidonia offers an excellent opportunity for relevant presentations and wide-ranging discussion.

The particularly important role played by the Greek merchant fleet in the transportation of global energy commodities has prompted IENE to organise once again this pioneering event in collaboration with Posidonia and with the active participation of a number of ship operators, energy traders and leading legal firms. This year’s special theme will focus on the new bunkering fuel specifications, in view of latest IMO agreed measures soon to be implemented. A number of prominent speakers from the oil and gas sector, from the shipping sector and maritime law from Greece and abroad have confirmed their participation in this unique gathering.

Other subject areas to be covered in this international seminar include an overview of global energy markets (oil, gas, coal), latest developments in the transportation of crude oil and petroleum derivatives, special cargoes (LNG, LPG) and coal. In addition, an assessment of energy security and the marine environment will be undertaken, including alternative routes for the transportation of oil and gas. Legal issues related to energy cargoes and energy transportation finances, chartering and vetting of oil cargoes, the insurance of energy cargoes, safety and operational requirements and the upcoming importance of special energy vessels (i.e. drilling ships, FSRU, FPSO etc.) will also be discussed.

A number of prominent speakers from the oil and gas sector, from the shipping sector, international and business studies and maritime law from Greece and abroad have already confirmed their participation. The seminar is a non-fee-paying event open to all IENE members and Posidonia participants. However, registration is required beforehand.