Energy & Development 2021



25th National Conference “Energy and Development 2021”

«Energy Transition and the Need for Achievable Solutions – Global and Regional Perspectives»

December 1 – 2, 2021, Caravel Hotel, Athens


The Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) is organizing, once again, its annual conference now in its 25th edition. The conference will take place on December 1-2, 2021 and will be held at the Caravel Hotel in central Athens.  Last year the conference did not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year the conference will be held hybrid format so as to allow as many speakers and panelist to attend.

The conference has been established over the past years as a major event in Greece for energy policy and business. The conference is backed by Greece’s major energy companies and is organized under the auspices of Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy and with the support of international organisations. Thanks to contributions and support by some of Greece’s leading energy corporations as well as by well-known international energy companies, the "Energy and Development” conference has evolved over the years as one of the most important events for energy policy and business in Greece and SE Europe.

The special topic of this year’s event is   «Energy Transition and the Need for Achievable Solutions – Global and Regional Perspectives», wishing to underline the importance of energy transition in the shaping of the current debate on energy, the environment and the economy.

As concerns over climate change intensify and the need for an accelerated Energy Transition becomes apparent, governments and businesses are under pressure to deliver fast and achieve workable solutions. The challenges to decarbonize, yet maintain intact and affordable energy delivery mechanisms, become more acute in the case of several SEE countries which have for many years come to rely on low-cost lignite power, are by and large energy wasteful and in addition are late comers to less polluting natural gas.

Can a combination of natural gas, renewables, energy storage, hydrogen, nuclear and large-scale energy efficiency measures in buildings and industry provide effective solutions? How does such an approach fit with EU’s much touted Green Deal and the Fit-for-55 legislative package? How energy geopolitics affect the search for effective low carbon solutions in a region known for its regional rivalries? As geopolitical routed destabilizing forces are currently at play in the EastMed how will they influence energy transition policies?

These are some questions that will be hotly debated in this year’s 25th anniversary «Energy & Development» conference, whose subject areas will span as usual across the entire energy spectrum.

The conference will be attended by senior officials from governments and international organisations, by top executives and energy professionals from Greece and several European countries.

Further information about the conference, confirmed speakers and the topics to be discussed will be announced in due course.


  According to the government’s decision as published in State Gazette (5138 / 05.11.2021), participants with physical presence are only allowed those who have been fully vaccinated or have become ill in the last six months. They shall need to present a vaccination or illness certificate at the registration desk of the conference.