Vienna Energy Transition Forum


Vienna Energy Transition Forum 

Convened by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in partnership with Energy Center Europe (ECE)

Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel, June 6-7, 2019

The Vienna Energy Transition Forum, which is convened by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in partnership with the Vienna based Energy Centre Europe (ECE) is bringing together some of the most progressive energy thinkersfrom across Europe in order to discuss the critical energy and environmental issues and how these can be tackled as the region enters a decarbonisation phase in line with EU goals and international commitments. The Forum will be held at the Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel (Schottering 11,A-1010 Vienna), on Thursday and Friday, June 6/7, 2019

The broad purpose of the "Vienna Energy Transition Forum” is to bring together energy leaders from all different countries of South East and Central Europe and beyond, but also senior representatives from major international organizations and from regional and international energy companies operating in the broader CEE and SEE region. The objective being the exchange of information and ideas, networking and discussions on the shaping of the necessary initiatives in view of the pressing energy and environmental challenges facing the region as it moves into an energy transition phase.

A number of prominent authorities from international energy companies, government bodies nd academia will address this two day high level meeting. A representative cross section of speakers includes Tom Van Ierland from the European Commission, Janez Kopac, Energy Community, Dr. Abderrezak Benyoucef, OPEC, Tim Yeo, The New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI), Daniel Kroos, Energy Security Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Prof. Pantelis Capros, Head of E3Modelling and advisor to the European Commission, Dr. Aliki Van Heek, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Michael Woltran, OMV, Prof. Andrey Konoplyanik, Gazprom Export and Russian State Gubkin Oil & Gas University, Chris Walters, Gas Strategies, Gerd Pollhammer, SIEMENS, Claudia Brânduș, ENEL, Gottfried Steiner, Central European Gas Hub AG,Eugenia Gusilov, ROEC, Dr. Yurdakul Yigitguden, Independent Energy Consultant and Former Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environment Activities,Nick Butler, Chair, King’s Policy Institute, King’s College, Liana Gouta, Hellenic Petroleum SA, Dr. Charles Ellinas, Atlantic Council, Prof. Reinhard Haas, Technical University of Vienna, John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist and many others.

Issues such as the need to decarbonise power generation and yet maintain reliable base load, the role of gas as a fuel of choice and the need for further renewables penetration under economically competitive terms will be hotly debated in the Vienna Energy Transition Forum. EU 's decarbonisation agenda and Energy Transition roadmap will come under scrutiny as a bundle of factors ranging from electricity market integration and grid performance to the slow pace of implementing vital gas interconnections and the role of nuclear power as a realistic alternative capable of delivering emission free power generation, will also be addressed. Another important topic which is often sidelinedin Energy Transition fora but which will be fully discussed in the Vienna meeting, is the constructive role that the Oil & Gas industry can play during Energy Transition. A new energy agenda for CE and SEE is in the offing and this will form a focal point of discussions at the Forum.