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Sturgeon Promises A Public, Not-For-Profit, Energy Utility

The Scottish government plans to establish a publically owned and not-for-profit energy company, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed on Tuesday.

Addressing the Scottish National Party conference in Glasgow, first minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the establishment of a company that would offer Green energy at cost price by 2021. The only precedent in the UK is Nottingham City Council, which operated the Robin Hood Energy company.  

The objective would be to "give people – particularly those on low incomes – more choice and the option of a supplier whose only job is to secure the lowest price for consumers,” Sturgeon said.

The policy commitment comes with a cluster of measures targeting working class Scots, including extension of free child care and investment in early years education. Her policy commitments appear to echo Jeremy Corbyn’s agenda, as the Labour Party makes inroads in Scotland.

She also made clear that "the gap between Scotland’s interests and Westminster’s priorities has never been wider,” recalling that Brexit is happening to Scotland because the region does not control its destiny.

Making a particular reference to the Great Repeal Bill, which repatriates policy competencies from Brussels to London without consultation with local governments, Mrs. Sturgeon talked of a "blatant power grab” and warned that she would oppose any attempt to see Brexit as an opportunity to undermine devolution.


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