Presentation of Greek Energy Directory 2021


“Greek Energy Directory 2021”
An in depth overview of Greece’s buoyant energy market

 Monday, November 15, 2021 in Athens

At the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Conference Room "HERMES" 


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As Energy Transition gathers pace across Europe, and worldwide, so are developments in Greece’s energy sector which over the past years has emerged as a pilar of the country’s economy and a major pivot of economic growth. Although the energy sector in Greece corresponds to just less than 5% of its GDP, its role in terms of investments and as prime mover in cross border economic cooperation is of vital importance.

In addition to enabling the further development and upgrading of energy infrastructure with some €2,5 to € 3,0 billion investment on average per year, a major chunk of funds are now channeled to marketing activities, following electricity and gas deregulation and increased competition at retail level. As several major developments in Greece’s energy sector have taken place since GED’s last publication in 2016 it was felt necessary to provide an update. Hence, this new edition of GED which has been prepared under the auspices and with the support of the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE).

In practice the Greek Energy Directory 2021 (link) presents an overview of the Greek energy sector and, furthermore, illustrates the significant progress that has been achieved over the last five years both in terms of infrastructure and operation of the market itself with a foreword  by Energy Minister Mr. Costas Skrekas. The Directory consists of nine chapters and contains articles by experts, academics, as well as the heads of the largest companies in the Greek energy market in the fields of oil, gas, electricity, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy legislation and research. Written exclusively in English, the Greek Energy Directory 2021 aims, among other things, to enhance the country's extrovert drive and also assist in the promotion of exports in energy products and services. 

The Chairman and Executive Director of IENE, Costis Stambolis, stated in this regard: "Since publication of the 2016 edition of the Greek Energy Directory a number of important changes have taken place in Greece’s buoyant energy market. Most noteworthy of which include the government instituted decarbonisation process in power generation, the drive towards much bigger penetration of renewables along with energy efficiency improvement and energy competition at all levels, following the late implementation by Greece of EU’s target model in electricity market operation. I trust that the “Greek Energy Directory 2021” will prove both useful and inspiring for all concerned and currently engaged in one of the most dynamic sectors of Greece’s economy".

The publication of the Directory is an initiative by Greece’s oldest energy portal,, and is published by Editcom the owner of the portal, on the occasion of the portal’s 20-year anniversary. You may download the “Greek Energy Directory 2021” here.

The official presentation of the "Greek Energy Directory 2021" will take place in the context of a special event on Monday 15 November and between 12:00-14:15, organized with the support of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) in its main amphitheater ("HERMES" hall) on the 6th floor at 7 Akadimias Street in Athens, while there will be online transmission via livestreaming.

High-ranking executives of energy organizations and companies and representatives of the Government have been invited to participate in the event.


According to the Government (FEK 5138 / 05.11.2021), for the participants with physical presence are allowed only those who have been vaccinated or ill in the last six months, by presenting a certificate of vaccination or illness in the secretariat of the conference together with the electronic registration.