Green Bonds

IENE Services as Green Bond Verifier

Following IENE’s accreditation as Green Bond Verifier by UK-based Climate Bonds Initiative the Institute has added a new advisory service concerning the issuance of Green Bonds.  The Institute offers this service through its research staff and its energy professionals’ network in SE Europe. Now, through a team of advisory and assurance professionals, who have worked on some of the leading Green Bond issuances to date, IENE is in a position to provide a new range of services, in connection to Green Bonds, as summarized bellow:

Review financing options: IENE undertakes a detailed review and scrutinizes the financing objectives and alternatives, enabling the investor to optimize the capital structure and making the most of debt market appetite. IENE specialists can help determine a preferred funding route, and act as a sounding board for the investor’s management team.

Establish Green Bond criteria: IENE can help develop a Green Bond framework, which covers ‘green’ criteria and specifications for the management of proceeds. IENE professionals can advise on project selection and evaluation, fund management processes and controls, and benchmark processes against industry best practice and evolving standards.

Execution: IENE’s Green Bonds team can advise on the presentation of green credentials to potential investors and the issuance process of the debt, and liaise with stakeholders including credit rating agencies. In this context, IENE can:

(a).  Prepare the necessary “Green Bond” report (i.e. Verifiers’ Report) and detailed information form

(b).  Secure a decision on Pre-Issuance Certification

(c).   Fast track the issuance of the “Green Bond” using the Certified Climate Bond mark

Ongoing stakeholder management: Once issued, IENE can help the investor assess the performance of his/her Green Bond through independent bond investor studies, giving unbiased insight into bondholders’ perspectives and the profile of bondholders.

Third-party independent assurance: To increase the credibility of the Green Bond, IENE can provide assurance on the issuer's processes and control for selecting green projects and managing proceeds, as well as on the issuer's progress reports.

Monitoring and reporting: IENE can undertake to develop performance indicators and project evaluation metrics to monitor and report on the financial and environmental outcomes of projects. Furthermore, IENE can support the investor in reporting to his company’s internal and external stakeholders. In this context, IENE will assist the investor in:

(a).  Confirming the certification post-issuance within 24 months

(b).  Then undertake to report on an annual basis on the management and performance of invested funds