Green Liquid Fuels of the Future


"Green Liquid Fuels of the Future”

Virtual Conference, February  11 - 12, 2021

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As we move towards a climate neutral economy withprofound long-term impact on resources and society, the role of hydrocarbons, for the decarbonisation of the hard to abate sectors is usually overlooked in the public dialogue. In the meantime, the transport sector, which is responsible for the bulk of liquid fuel consumption, and is now required to cut down around 90% of its emissions by 2050, is in urgent need for a broad range of low carbon solutions, covering all sectors of Transport.

With Greece’s total final energy consumption relying almost 54% on oil, of which 50% corresponds to transport, (2019 data) and with four refineries operating to supply the entire domestic market while exporting some 60% of their production to neighbouring and other countries, there is considerable interest by the industry and the fuel marketing companies in shaping their Energy Transition strategies by examining alternatives for the future. A wide range of options are available, based on the production of liquid fuels from low carbon feedstock, such as advanced biofuels, biomass, fuels from waste and plastic, synthetic fuels from green hydrogen.

Hence, the Athens based Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) has taken the initiative to convene a two-day high-level online conference in order to look into the role of Green Liquid Fuels in the Energy Transition. Working closely with the industry and other stakeholders the organizing committee, backed by IENE’s Hydrocarbon Downstream Committee, has worked out a comprehensive programme by inviting a number of top executives from the Industry, well known experts, senior figures from the European Commission and Greece’s political leadership from the energy and transport sector in order to address the various issues.

Distinguished speakers will present the framework and the need, the vision and the strategy, as well as a number of innovative projects that have already been announced. The presentations will cover a wide spectrum of fuels’ needs for decarbonizing the entire transport sector and will also examine alternative applications in the broader energy sector.

The subjects to be debated at the conference are summarized as follows:  

  • «Green Deal: Decarbonization by 2050 and the key role of liquid fuels»
  • «The Transformation of the Industry and its Vision 2050»
  • «Road transport: The challenges of new technologies»
  • «The future of Aviation and Shipping Fuels»

Several leading energy companies and organizations have already confirmed their participation in the Conference including ExxonMobil, BP, Repsol, OMV, NESTE, Hellenic Petroleum, MotorOil, ELINOIL, Aegean Airlines and Fuels Europe the leading industry body.