Investing in Energy Efficiency: Enterprises, Industry and Public Buildings


"Investing in Energy Efficiency
Enterprises, Industry and Public Buildings

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

One-day Online IENE Conference

(the bulk of the conference proceedings will be conducted in Greek)

In view of the new revised targets set by the EU for a 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency by EE-27 by 2030, coupled with a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at the same time, but also taking into consideration the latest important developments following consultations with the European institutions in reviewing the relevant European Directive, IENE is convening a one-day online conference, in order to review the situation and address key issues. With special reference to public buildings, industry and enterprises, this IENE special event will seek, with the help of European and Greek organizations and experienced market executives and well-known experts, to map out the latest developments and to assess the upcoming changes at institutional, technical and investment level.

With more than 20 speakers and panelists from Greece and other European countries, this one-day IENE event will seek to highlight the serious challenges and opportunities that are now being created in the field of energy efficiency in the broad building and industrial sector, not only in Greece but also in the wider region of SE Europe.

Among others, the event will focus on the topical issue of energy poverty by analyzing the measures and strategies already in place or under consideration. The conference will further examine Energy Efficiency as a tool for mitigating Climate Change while addressing the inadequacies of the European and Greek institutional framework.

The energy upgrading of buildings and, in particular, the role of public sector buildings (central government, regions, municipalities) will form a separate section which will include a review of all ongoing programmes (eg the role of " exoikonomo - aftonomo", NSRF programs, etc.). In the same context, opportunities will be examined for the improvement of energy efficiency applications in industry and enterprises and the adoption of good practices in this field through the presentation of case studies. Finally, with the assistance of executives from the Banking Sector, the "Financial Tools for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving" will be examined in relation to Green Buildings and businesses and the role of ESCOs in achieving the objectives set by the EC Directives and the relevant Greek legislation on this issue.