3rd Energy Tech Forum 2018


3rd Energy Tech Forum

An Open Forum for Energy Technologies and Innovation

Energia.gr, Greece’s pioneering energy portal, is convening for the third year running the "Energy Tech Forum”, focusing on energy technologies and innovation. The 3rd Energy Tech Forum will take place on October 16, 2018 and will be held at the Eugenides Foundation. In an effort to broaden awareness and the discussion on innovative energy technologies Energia.gr is hosting this open event where new energy technologies and products, innovative applications and genuine ideas currently developed by companies, universities and research centers will be presented primarily to scientific and research communities but also to the public at large.

This one day event by Energia.gr, is being held under the auspices of the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE), and the Ministry of Environment and Energy and aims at promoting Greece’s energy technology base and in strengthening its export prospects. The "3rd Energy Tech Forum” offers the opportunity to providers of energy products, systems and services, as well as to ongoing research programmes and energy "start-ups” to discuss and present their work. Furthermore, energy professionals, researchers and research centers will present innovative energy systems, applications and products that they have developed.

A key objective of the "3rdEnergy Tech Forum” being the emergence of a platform for the communication and exchange of ideas and experiences between research groups and potential investors and entrepreneurs in the energy field in order to promote technologies, systems and products of commercial interest. Ultimately, the "Energy Tech Forum” aspires to become a contact point in Greece for researchers and innovators in the energy field but also to serve as a link with investors interested to fund new products, systems and services and see them through to commercial use level.

The main subject areas that the "3rdEnergy Tech Forum” will include are the following:

·Energy efficiency with a special reference to buildings

·Renewable Energy Sources (RES), covering the full range of applications: photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind energy, biomass, small hydro, geothermal energy, and more

·Software on energy applications and electricity grid management

·Electricity distribution and management

·Thermal and hydroelectric power generation

·Smart grids and smart metering systems

·Meteorological systems, data collection and management

·Energy modeling and energy data bases

·Transportation and energy efficiency

·CNG and electric vehicles

·Hydrogen and fuel cells

·Carbon Capture and Storage Systems (CCS)

·Production and use of biofuels

Hydrocarbon exploration and production




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