Webinar IENE: The Geopolitics of Europe’s Energy Crisis


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In order to assess the truly dramatic changes which Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, one year ago, has brought about globally and especially in Europe the Institute of Energy for SE Europe(IENE) is organising a special Webinar. The discussion will inevitably focus on the impact in the energy sector and will seek to identify the key forces which drove energy prices to unprecedented levels as well as the changes which were affected in market structure and operation. The topics to be discussed will include Europe’s concerted effort to decouple from Russian energy imports, G7’s mobilisation to scale down Russia’s income from the sale of energy commodities and the wider implications on global trade and geopolitics.

In addition the webinar, which is orgnised at experts level, will discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine on the energy sector in SE Europe in terms of electricity and gas prices, market operation, energy security, infrastructure and the revision of energy policy by various governments in the region. To facilitate the discussion IENE will prepare and release in advance a background paper which will be uploaded on this microsite.

In order to throw light on the various intricate issues involved in this energy related geopolitical assessment IENE has invited a group of senior experts from the region and more broadly who will actively participate in this two and half hour live discussion.

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