IENE Seminar "Managing Energy Markets in a Complex World"



"Managing Energy Markets in a Complex World"

An Online Seminar organized by IENE in association with STRATEGY TECHNICS

1-26 November, 2021

In this tailor made pioneering seminar designed to address the needs of senior executives in the broad of the energy sector, IENE has joined forces with Athens based specialist firm Strategy Technics. In 10 four hour sessions, which include presentations, Q&A, group meetings and course work, the seminar will seek to provide each participant with the necessary tools and inside information which will enable him/her to recognise,assess and decipher today’s truly complex world in which modern energy markets function.An environment which executives have to navigate almost daily as they are called upon to make decisions which will affect planned Investments,projects on the ground,market operation and ultimately the success or failure of their companies and the services they provide to their customers.

Today’s energy markets whether physical or futures are constantly changing with oil,gas,electricity and emissions prices fluctuating on a daily basis and determined by a variety of interlinked market forces. Which are these forces,how do they affect prices in a range of energy products, how do they interlink? Given so much uncertainty can we predict market behaviour and energy prices in the mid to long term? What are the market trends in 2H 2021 and how will markets shape next year? These are only few questions that will be addressed by an elite group of speakers who have built a career tracking the complex energy markets of today.

But apart from prices today’s energy manager is confronted with so many other decisions relevant to the fast changing energy landscape. A number of such decisions are closely related to energy infrastructure and the choises one has to make in terms of investment in order to maintain transmission and distribution grids and telecommunication channels open and in good working and capable to respond on a 24h basis to consumer needs. As digitalisation takes full hold and will ultimately determine the full range of operations for providers and customers alike there is a need to plan and prepare for the anticipated market changes. With AI entering fast into the picture today’s energy manager must be in a position to anticipate its impact in terms of market operation and future development.

Although the present seminar may not be able to provide answers to everything it will nevertheless make the energy manager aware of all the variants at play and will inform on a number of contentious issues. Indeed identifying the various possible pitfalls in modern energy market operation and planning is another key function which the seminar will aim to unravel thus providing participants with much needed foresight.

This online seminar will take place between 16:00 – 20:00 (Athens time), on November 1-26, 2021. An invitation link and instructions will be sent to participants upon registration. A laptop/pc, a web camera and a microphone are necessary. The deadline for submitting applications is Octobe 26, 2021.

Upon completion of the seminar, all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance by IENE.