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The Mayor of Bourgas: It is Better to Make Electricity from Garbage Instead of Burning It

Bourgas City Council adopted a project proposal for "Design and construction of anaerobic installations for separately collected biodegradable waste". The project is expected to be financed with BGN 30 million under the Operational Program "Environment". e-Burgas.com wrote about the idea in January.

"We thought about a waste incineration plant, but you know that there is currently a wave of dissatisfaction with this technology in Sofia, it has filtered out 99% of the harmful substances that go into the atmosphere, but the other 1% an interesting spectrum of the Mendeleev's table, thus creating a risk for the people in the city, "said Dimitar Nikolov.

At the same time, the installation for separately collected biodegradable waste is completely harmless, and from the decomposition of thegarbage,electricitywill be produced. The project was more sophisticated and risky because it required specific technology, Nikolov said.

Anaerobic digestion is a natural process that has been used by mankind for decades. A group of bacteria sequentially break down organic matter and biogas under oxygen-free conditions (anaerobic conditions). The main advantages of this process are biogas production and a significant reduction in the volume of waste. This process often takes place in closed and thus controlled systems. This also leads to the control and removal of the odor that comes from organic waste.

Nikolov reminded that many people laughed at the idea of ​​BurgasMunicipality to collect leaves and branches to produce compost. At present, this compost has already been certified in a second foreign laboratory in the EU. One piece of it is sold in bulk, and another is sold at retail to people who use it for their gardens and indoor plants. At the same time, the Municipality ofBurgasstimulates conscientious citizens who pay their taxes by giving them free compost.

(www.novinite.com, May 2018)