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The Bulgarian Parliament's Decision: Restart of the Belene NPP Project

Parliament has decided to restart the project for the construction of Belene NPP. There are two versions for a solution, and MPs have decided on what was proposed by GERB. It is aimed at "resuming the efforts to build Belene NPP together with a strategic investor on a market principle and without granting a state guarantee by separating the assets and liabilities of the Belene NPP project into a separate project company ".

In addition, the Minister of Energy should develop an investor selection procedure and propose options for structuring the project by October 31, 2018. The adopted decision also recommends that the Council of Ministers take action to abolish the decision to suspend Belene.

The government's hands on the Belene NPP project are untied and from now on we have to work very seriously in order to have really good results for Bulgaria, Energy Minister Temenujka Petkova told journalists in parliament. According to her words, a procedure for the selection of a strategic investor is forthcoming. It is important that it is well designed, maximally public, transparent, with objective criteria that will enable the selection of the best offer, the minister said. NEK must assess the assets we own for this project, she said.

Let's hope that the investor interest, which has so far been declared, will be re-confirmed, Petkova said. According to her, the plant can be ready within 7-8 years.

The situation in 2012 and today is radically different, the Minister explained. In 2012 there was no clarity about the structure of the project. We did not know how the arbitration would end. EU energy policy was different from today, said Petkova. Another difference is the presence of real investor interest by companies that are recognized at world level, she added.

None of us has any interest in going back, looking for guilt, we must look forward and with common efforts to try to do something good for Bulgaria, which will also guarantee our energy security and will give the opportunity that the Bulgarian taxpayers who have put in the project - over BGN 3 billion, commented Petkova.

(www.novinite.com, 07/06/2018)