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The Bulgarian Academy of Science Report About Belene NPP will be Published After Editing

The Belene NPP's report will be published after the sensitive commercial information in it has been deleted. This was stated by Academician Julian Revalski, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, to Darik Radio. He said he had a meeting in BEH on Monday to clarify trade secrets.

Revalski said the BAS report does not recommend resurrection of the nuclear power plant project but looks at various options, including ones where it would be viable.

According to Academician Revalski, 2017 was marked by a change in attitude towards science because of the strategies adopted for its development. But he said scientists' protest for the low funds allocated to science would continue in 2018. The Academy's budget for the next year is lower than the 2008-2009 period, the chairman said.


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